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Why Me?

By Saurabh2461986 @saurabhslounge
Trying hard to decipher, its very hard to rule At times it feels like a lifer, at times as a fool The feeling so strange, left me totally tricked Trying to adapt the change, me only why you picked? Enough is enough now, I hate being always kicked Sitting behind the smoke clouds, watching the derange Carefully you plan your hideout, even the best can't arrange Like voodoo doll I feel, in which a needle is pricked Its very hard to deal, just tried again, but I tripped Enough is enough now, I hate being always kicked The winters I love but the air is filled by smoke from smokestacks I wear an orange coat in the evening to shield from the attacks The life I am able to support, I can't see my children being ripped Washing away the pain as I can't abort, to me only this thing clicked I just want you to preach, Enough is enough now, I hate being always kicked!
PS: Our planet earth's atmosphere is being blanketed by fumes of polluting foreign bodies. These prove harmful not only for  earth but very much poisonous for us. Together we have to stop spoiling the beautiful nature of ours. She is constantly asking one question, Why me?
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