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Why Makeup Sponges Are a Great Choice?

By Manjumodiyani @HoshiyaarChaddi
beauty blender spongeWhen it comes to applying foundation for the makeup base, most women are confused what tool would work best for them. They have the option to use a makeup brush, a makeup sponge or their good old hands. You must choose a makeup applicator with care to ensure the makeup blends well and produces a smooth finish. A streaky and uneven makeup would end up making your face look caked and smudged.
Makeup sponges are presently in vogue and are selling like hot cakes for a number of benefits they offer. Firstly, makeup sponges are comparatively inexpensive than makeup brushes. You would need to shell out anything between $30 and $40 for a good makeup brush. Undoubtedly, makeup brushes are longer lasting as compared to their inexpensive spongy counterparts, but they do need daily cleaning in order to hold up for longer. A makeup sponge can be cleaned with ordinary soap and water after each use and left to dry in air. They do have a potential to become a hotbed for bacterial growth, but proper cleaning after each use would ensure they are safe for further use. Moreover, it is always recommended that makeup sponges be replaced at regular intervals. This is a feasible way out because makeup sponges are so easy on the pocket.
how to use makeup spongeMakeup sponges are extremely versatile. They can be conveniently used over large areas such as cheeks, forehead and chin as well as areas that need contouring such as nose, near the lips and under the eyes. Makeup sponges come in shapes like round, rectangular and wedged and can be used accordingly depending on the area of application. The egg-shaped makeup sponge with narrow a tip by Beauty Blender works like an all-in-one sponge. The round base can be used to apply foundation over cheeks, forehead and chin. The narrow edge effortlessly spreads even layers of foundation over the skin of nose, around the lips and under the eyes, giving a smooth and silky finish. Makeup brushes are often noted to leave streaks over the skin, resulting into an even look. Using hands to blend and apply foundation is easy and may give a smooth finish to some extent, but this is a messy way and potentially unhygienic too.
Some women complain that makeup sponges absorb a lot of foundation. Well, they are bound to because that’s what sponges do! However, the waste can be mitigated by wetting the sponge with water before using it for applying makeup. This would drastically reduce the amount of foundation that seeps into the makeup sponge.Makeup sponges give a smooth look, are easily available in a variety of shapes and priced sensibly, making them the best choice for makeup enthusiasts.

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