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Why Include Skincare in Your New Year’s Resolution

By Alyssa Martinez @ItsMariaAlyssa

We all look for the chance to start anew. The coming of the new year gives us the comfort that we can by leaving behind the things we find heavy to carry further. As the calendar turns on the first day of the year, we create new hopes and goals based on how we lived our lives in the past year. It is not necessarily newness that we aspire to have but betterment, so, no matter how banal our new year's resolution is, it is worth trying to fulfill.

The new year calls for a new year's resolution. More often than not, this resolution includes one's skincare routine. Because of Korea's global popularity when it comes to beauty and skincare trends, people have the notion that one's skincare routine has to be 7-steps, or sometimes 10. This is daunting for people who do not have the time and energy, those whose beds are calling from the moment they arrive home. It discourages those who want to address their skin problems but have a fear of investing in products they will eventually leave untouched.

They say resolutions are meant to be broken. It shouldn't be the case. Everyone should have the freedom to customize their skincare routine-according to their needs and lifestyle. This is why it helps to use products that are easy yet effective. Products from Korea's Dear Klairs, for instance, are formulated to be mild but powerful. The brand's lineup depending on your skin concern is simple yet functional. There is no need to take seven steps to achieve the skin you've been wanting.

January is a month of beginnings. Here is a list of reasons why January is the perfect time to start a skincare routine:

1. You can take advantage of the holiday sale.

When the holidays roll in, you can expect sales and bonuses. Having extra bucks in your wallet gives you the opportunity to start a skincare routine. The timing is also perfect to avail of the products you need at a lower cost, so you better take advantage of the price markdown weeks before January comes. Consider it as a gift to yourself a form of self-care and self-love.

2. Your calendar will allow you to start a routine.

Holiday parties are hectic, but after the New Year's Eve celebration, you'll have a freer social calendar. There will be no more late-night parties, which will give you a chance, to begin with, your nightly ritual. It will be perfect as your skin is in its relaxed state. It will be easy to absorb the product and see its results.

3. You can have the skin you want when summer comes.

Having a tailor-made skincare routine in January will prepare your skin for the summer. It will give your skin the time to react to the product positively. Summer is the time when you want your skin to breathe. Wearing make-up, especially a thick one, is uncomfortable thanks to the hot weather. However, some people are not confident when they sport a bare face. This is why you should avail of the skincare products which can help you achieve the skin you want.

The brand new year can spark your commitment to stick with your resolutions. Your skincare routine should not feel like a chore. Choose simplicity.

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