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Why I Will Never Wear Deodorant Again!

By Hollysbeautybox @hollysbeautybox
Ok so this title is a liiiittle bit dramatic but genuinely.. I will NEVER wear deodorant again... if it comes from an aerosol. I will wear a roll on obviously because smelly holly = bad times. Just sayin!
Why I Will Never Wear Deodorant Again!I read an article on spray deoderants and how they are really unhealthy for you and also for the environment.  If you spray deodorant - you inhale the spray and all the junk that goes with it right into your lungs. All those chemicals floating about your lungs isn't good! Some scientists are even relating spray deoderants to Lung Cancer - shiz just got SERIOUS!
I was literally frightened into using a roll on instead which actually is more concentrated and gives less white flaky stuff than the spray on does, meaning you're less likely to be a big sweaty betty covered in white stains throughout the day - RESULT!
Some people will be saying "yeah but the same goes for perfume and hairspray" well you're right! however perfume is a more concentrated squirt rather than a spray that goes everywhere! If you're concerned about perfume, then try a roll on - again just as effective!
As for hairspray - most people don't use hairspray as much as deodorant and so in small measures it should be fine, but if you are really concerned they try using 'firming' products or 'volumizing' products which will keep your hair in place without using hairspray.
I'm not even going to get into the whole 'bad for the environment' thing because quite frankly, we all know it is, we just choose to ignore it unless if affects us! (or at least, I do!) but this was a real eye opener and quite frankly has changed the way I will use deoderant for the rest of my life! POWER TO THE PEOPLE! Lolz!
Do you use spray deodorant?  SHAME ON YOU! haha jokes, seriously though, let me know your thoughts below, I'd be really interested to hear some counter arguements!
All My Love(And smelly B.O)Holly xxxxxxx

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