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Why I Still Love the Twins

By Meachrm @BaseballBTYard

I’m watching highlights on the MLB channel a couple days ago and they show the very end of the Twins-Tigers game.  The Tigers won the game on a walk-off sac fly after a botched catch in the outfield put a runner at third base.  As always, when the runner touched home plate the camera showed the winning team mob him as well as the guy who hit the sac fly.  They also showed something else.  The camera very quickly showed Twins manager Ron Gardenhire come out of the dugout to yell and point at something or someone.  The MLB highlights announcer mentioned in passing that “Gardy” must have been mad at something but he couldn’t figure out why.  I know why.

Take a look at this shot that was taken just after the runner scored.  

Glove 2

What do you think the arrow I added is pointing to?

It’s the pitcher’s glove.  The glove is heading out in front of the plate because the Twins pitcher who was backing up home plate heaved it out there in frustration when the winning run scored.

I’m not a mind reader but I can guarantee Gardenhire stormed out of the dugout to make sure his pitcher knew loud and clear that throwing your glove is never an option no matter what happens.  My guess is that the pitcher turned to leave the glove out there and Gardy made sure he went back to pick it up.

It’s been quite a while since I was in the Twins organization but Gardenhire’s reaction is how every manager in the organization would react.  That’s because from top to bottom, the organization has always demanded that every player respect the game.  It wasn’t just lip service either.  I saw guys released or traded over stuff like that.

Many organizations have sold out to the dollar and would not reprimand players like that, especially if it was a star.  Not the Twins.  And that’s why I still love them even though they are currently in last place.

A player does that at your level … what would your program do?

Tomorrow’s post: Things pitchers do that drive their teammates nuts

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