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Why I’ll Still Be Buying Costco Coconut Oil

By Lindsayleighbentley @lindsayLbentley

There has been a lot of controversy recently over a popular blog post written about the dangers of buying coconut oil from Costco, because it is cheap and she had one reader write in with a concern about it. (I know, SUCH drama…)


I was sent the article by a reader and at first glance, something didn’t sit right with me.  It didn’t seem properly or thoroughly researched and some basic points about ways to  quickly test the quality of coconut oil were passed over completely (ie: pure coconut oil will become a solid at and under 77 degrees F).

I hope you all know how much I research before posting any advice on here, especially when it comes to bashing a company or organization.  I take it really, really seriously.  It’s partly why I don’t always get posts out as quickly as I would like.

So, before I had time to do the proper research, I came across this article by Modern Alternative Mama, which perfectly lays out everything I had “hunch” about, but hadn’t yet had time to put on paper computer screen.

I hope this will help put your fears to rest.  Because honestly, I would LOVE to buy all of mine from a company like Tropical Traditions – theirs is fantastic!

But I just can’t.


I use it too much in so many different ways. I cook with it daily, add it to smoothies, oatmeal, baked goods, and vegetable and meat dishes.  It’s one of the main ingredients in my homemade toothpaste and deodorant and I use it in place of lotion for the whole family.  I use it as a carrier oil for daily use of essential oils, as well as stretch-mark prevention on my growing baby bump, and it has greatly softened and diminished multiple scars that I have.  I even pour a little over our pup’s kibble every morning.

So, I’m really thankful for the option found at Costco.  I have never had a problem with purity or quality, and until I am properly convinced otherwise, will continue to buy it.

live well. be well.

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