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Why #Haarkoharao is a Mantra Every Parent Needs to Imbibe?

By Sangeetha

" I have not failed. I've just found 10,000 ways that won't work." - said America's greatest inventor Thomas Alva Edison.

10,000 failed attempts of Edison paved way to invent the electric bulb.

What if he had made his mind not to try experimenting after 1 or 2 attempts? What if he thought that he couldn't succeed?

One of the basic essentials for our daily life; the electric bulb wouldn't have been possible then.

Failure is indeed a stepping stone to success.

Unfortunately these days parenting have become a rat race in India. The race among the parents to achieve success for their children in every field is clearly visible. 'Readying kids for a successful future' where in the child's success over happiness is given more priority.

What we fail to understand is that at the end of the day, it's the children who live in the fear of failure. Emotionally, they are not able to cope up with facing failure. But if we see life is much more than scoring high in exams or coming first in a sports competition.

As parents, we all need to imbibe the 'dirt is good' philosophy. Let us understand that failures no matter bitter are the phases of learning experiences for our kid's future. Even in failure a child can learn grit, resilience or learn something new about himself that helps him overcome failure and succeed in life.

Why #Haarkoharao is a Mantra Every Parent Needs to Imbibe?

If we become the torch bearers of 'accepting failure as a learning curve', we thereby help to mould our children's life experience of trying and learning.

Surf Excel, India's most loved laundry brand has beautifully imbibed this mantra of dirt is good - if kids get dirty in the act of doing good, then dirt is good ( Daag Acche Hein). Even every advertisement of Surf Excel, speak of stories of kids demonstrating values like overt expression of love, empathy, sacrifice, forgiveness, loyalty and righteousness.

Surf excel wants to trigger a change in the mindset of parents, teachers and society on failure to create an environment that helps kids cope and learn from failure.

Their beautiful campaign of #Haarkoharao which went live from this year's Children's Day is based on a single line

"Sometimes you succeed, sometimes you learn" i.e. there is no failure, only learning.

It's time we ask ourselves, 'who taught our kids to fear failure?'. Why is it that we pass on our fear of failure to our kids?

Kids don't fear failure, until we tell them to. From now, let's change the conversation about failure with our kids.

Let our kids fail to learn and learn to fail! Let's join our hands with Surf Excel's #Haarkoharao.

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