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How to Support Your Girl Child During Puberty?

By Sangeetha

At what age should you talk with your daughter about her physical changes?

What are the things you can help with during puberty for your daughter?

How can you support your daughter during puberty?

If you are thinking about any one of these questions above, then this article is perfect for you.

Anshika is almost 11 and we have seen these physical and emotional changes happening in her. Like any other parent, I want to make sure that she doesn't get confused about the changes happening in her body. This will make sure that she will know what to expect and clear her concerns from you regarding puberty.

How to Support your Girl Child During Puberty?
What is puberty?

Puberty literally means full maturation of the body.

During this process, the body releases hormones stimulating the ovaries to produce estrogen(female hormone). It is nature's way of transitioning from a girl to a woman emotionally, socially and physically.

There are about 5 stages of puberty and each child has her/his own timeline of puberty.

Explaining puberty to your child is very important along with laying the groundwork for sex education.

When do you see changes in a girl's body?

In girls, the signs of puberty start anywhere between the ages of 9 and 13 and will last for several years. In some girls, puberty starts even at the age of 8.

Menstruation, weight gain, body odor, breast development, mood swings and body hair growth are some of the changes that occur as part of puberty in girls.

When to start talking to your daughter about physical changes?

Most of the schools start reproductive education as part of their curriculum from fifth grade.

Since the talks on puberty can be a time of bonding for both parent and child, it should be done early enough to prepare for the changes happening in her body. Start the talks on puberty to your child as she enters 9 years of age.

5 things you can do to support your girl child during puberty:

Here are the 5 things that you can do to help your child ease through the puberty phase.

#1. Start the talk early

The earlier, the better!

Do start talks on good touch, bad touch, body parts, etc from the age of 8 onwards. This gives out a strong message to them that you can be a reliable source for them to open up regarding physical changes.

#2. Normalize puberty and period talks

Normalize talking about puberty and periods at home as a natural process a girl's body goes through. This helps to avoid considering these as taboo or dirty.

#3. Gift books related to puberty

Give age-appropriate books related to puberty, sexual reproduction and human anatomy. Such books will have simple language and illustrations to make them understand the terms related to puberty.

#4. Provide the necessary supplies

Make sure that you show her sanitary pads, its uses and the way it's been used. Talk about personal hygiene and provide the basic things like body deodorant and intimate wet wipes.

Always keep an emergency menstrual kit in your girl's school bag.

Since breast development is one of the first physical changes, make sure you buy her beginner bras or training bras. They provide adequate support and privacy to your girl.

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#5. Provide reassurance

Always ask your child about her day-to-day activities. Reassure them that the change in their bodies is natural and nothing to be worried about. Talk about the varying development rates in girls her age which is completely normal.

Listen to her concerns and be a patient parent by answering questions in a way she understands.

Hope this article on how you can support your girl child during puberty was useful. As parents, let's make sure that our daughters grow up real confident and well informed about their bodies.

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