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Why Gafni Got Angry About the Yeshivas Possibly Being Shut

By Gldmeier @gldmeier
This morning on two different news whatsapp groups I am in there were interesting news items posted one after the other.
First was posted an item about People from MK Gafni's team (sourced to Israel Hayom) explaining Gafni's anger about the yeshivas possibly being shut down. Gafni said that there are 92 yeshivot, most of the yeshivot that reopened, that are working on the "capsule" system of keeping groups of boys together with no external contact and no contact between groups. It was a logistical nightmare, but it works and Gafni says that in those 92 yeshivas there has not been one single case of Corona or required isolation.
The next notice in those whatsapp groups was of a yeshiva (Ateret Shlomo) in which another group of students were found to have Corona, bringing the number of infected boys in that yeshiva to over 100.
I thought those two notices one after the other was ironic.
So first of all, Ateret Shlomo was one of the first to adopt the program of capsules in order to reopen. And they are highly infected there. So Gafni is wrong. Maybe they have not kept to the capsules strictly, I don't know, but even if that's the case that shows a problem with the capsules anyway. Either way, Gafni is wrong because yeshivas that opened with the capsules are still having problems.
Second, there is a concept of lo plug. I can understand it, even if it is not necessary, if it is deemed that any given industry needs to be shut down because of public health concerns - the government shuts the entire industry even if a yeshiva or business within the group doesn't suffer form the problem - but they get shut down along with everyone else.
Third, I have no problem with Gafni wanting to keep such yeshivas open - if they have determined that their methods of keeping people safe works, go for it. Gafni should not be out there protecting the yeshiva industry from being shut down - he should be putting together a plan to keep safe yeshivas open and infected yeshivas closed. Instead he fights to keep everything open. So Beit Matisyahu and Ateret Shlomo (among others) are infecting by the hundreds because Gafni isn't willing to take any responsibility and only scream and use political pressure. 
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