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Why Does This Happen Over and Over Again??

By Levyingkishan
Why does this happen over and over again??
Shivering and the body feel cold and things just seem to get out hands, when you plunge into the unknown. These are the first hand expressions of something weird that may happen. And most importantly you just don’t know what is going to happen next. I just question myself is it for real or is this something that was meant to happen

Have I just fooled myself into the fact that “When God is with me who can be against me.” Or maybe I haven’t fooled myself at all. But when you don’t know anything, suspicion may raise causing bewilderment leading to doubt.Krishna can it ever be, that you aren't with me, when I need you the most or are you in the process of finding off what pain, can this creation of yours can endure.I just know something as a matter of fact, that when everything seems delusional and things may go out of your hands just, “HOLD ON!!”Will I be ever rewarded?? As such I just believe that and the only thing I have ever believed is“When Krishna is with me, I have got nothing to fear.” May Love Prevail......

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