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Why Do Young Girls Dress Inappropriately?

By Therealsupermum @TheRealSupermum


Why do young girls dress inappropriately?


Matt and my friends partner took a walk to the local shop the other evening, upon their return they told us that they had just passed a group of young girls no older than 16 getting onto the bus to go into town, which of course is a normal day occurrence, but Matt was disgusted at the way these girls were dressed considering their young age, not to mention the fact that it was snowing.

He was more alarmed that the girls parents had dropped them off at the bus stop and were allowing their daughters to wear such inappropriate clothing. By the way they were dressed one could only assume they were heading off for a night on the town.

Wearing short dresses or skirts with killer heels both men could not help but do a double take. Why do young girls and women come to that feel the need to dress in such a way?

Thinking back to my teenage years dressing to impress was the main reason, the shorter the skirt, the more attention.

I have to admit now that I am older looking at the young girls these days I do feel some sense of alarm for them, men are men and most would have to look if not touch given the chance. Are these young girls who dress in such a provocative way putting themselves in danger?

While I agree any women should be able to wear what they choose, I would not feel too happy if my own girls were to leave the house looking the way these young girls did, with their skirts so short that their bum cheeks were clearly visible.


Why do young girls dress inappropriately? Let me know your views …

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