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Why Do You Wear Makeup?

By Kerysmarie @littleboblab
Why do you wear  makeup?   Why do you wear  makeup?   I've came across this tag a lot in the blogosphere lately so naturally, I'm jumping on the bandwagon. I've been scheduling posts like crazy lately because I don't have a laptop of my own & quite frankly blogging in the uni library just doesn't cut it compared to being able to blog with a cuppa in bed!   Anyways, I'm doing this tag basically because its quite an intriguing question & something I've actually never asked myself before! So, here it goes..  
When did you begin to wear makeup? I'm actually not entirely sure when I began to wear makeup properly. When I was little, discos meant lots of glitter and lip gloss so I could say that I began wearing makeup as early as 8 years old. But I do remember this one Christmas when I got this plastic case from my mums best friend, at first I thought it was one of those massive felt tip pen kits but when I opened it, it was brimming with eye shadows, lipsticks and glosses. & I even remember Mama saying "Julie must think you're a big girl now"   How do you feel without makeup? How do I feel? - Naked. I mean it's not like I can't go without it. I'm actually quite blessed with virtually clear skin & rarely get spots, but I'm so pale it makes me a little self conscious. I'm getting better, I'm on a fake tan ban & its really helping me get over my white phobia!   I find it quite easy to lounge around my friends with little or no makeup but if I have to set foot outside I have to at least have my eyebrows and eyelashes painted on. I could live without foundation if I could have moisturiser.   What do you like about makeup? I like the confidence it gives me. When I find a new lipstick color or a new way of doing smoky eyes, it makes me feel all happy and pretty. I've especially gained a lot of confidence since I taught myself how to do my eyebrows properly. Can you believe up until this year i was walking around with white brows?! -Cringe-   3 holy grace items 1. Maybelline, Dream matte mousse - I know I said I could live without foundation but this is my favorite ever! It feel amazing on my skin whether I use my finger or my foundation brush & the coverage is just perfect for my skin.   2. Make Up Academy Blusher Shade 3 - Cheap & cheerful! MUA blushers are great for me, being a poor student. The color is just dark enough to show on my skin without being too bold & really compliments my cream completion... and its £1 so I can't complain!   3. Maybelline Colossal Volume Express Mascara Black - I think I have a slight love for Maybelline I just really love this mascara, its a reasonable price & gives my lashes a real boost. Without eyeliner it gives my eyes enough definition to stand out without looking over done. & with eyeliner it really makes my lashes look big and bold. - Perfect  Why do you wear  makeup? With & without makeup.. The contrast!!! - Hiya none existant eyebrows & lashes!     So what do you guys think of my 3 holy grace items? & have any of you guys done this tag yet? - & don't forget to check back tomorrow for the launch of my first ever giveaway!   Why do you wear  makeup?

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