Why Didn't Chris Brown Anticipate Border Problems?

Posted on the 25 February 2015 by Jennifervillamere
Chris Brown was denied entry into Canada yesterday presumably because he's a dirtbag. He missed a show scheduled for Montreal last night. His Toronto show has been cancelled.
It sucks when you're excited to see a concert (even if it is by a douchebag but hey, love the art, not the artist, right?) but then it's cancelled at the very last minute. Why didn't concert promoter Live Nation or Chris Brown Inc. anticipate there could be border issues in advance and work to mediate them? Because as much as people cheer Canada for barring a violent monster, fans of his music really lose out here.
Why didn't Chris Brown anticipate border problems?
This is not the first time Chris Brown has had to cancel shows because of border problems. 
In 2010, Brown couldn't get into the UK and missed four shows. The UK Home Office said it was because of his past criminal record. 

Let's have a look at Brown's record: 
  • Attacked Rihanna in 2009, got probation
  • Spent almost three months in jail in 2014 for violating this probation by getting in a fight outside a Washington hotel
  • Also arrested for felony assault in Washington in 2013

Cool story, bro. Not much hope that he'll change his ways, but at least look out for your fans next time, buddy.

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