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Why BlackBerry Loosing Charm in Smartphone Market ? [Mistakes]

Posted on the 19 August 2011 by Mihir23192 @mihir23192

Why BlackBerry loosing Charm in Smartphone Market ? [Mistakes]BlackBerry is a brand which is developed and designed by Research in Motion which concentrates on luxurious range of Smartphone from approximately 10 years. If I am not wrong then, probably 2 years ago Celebrities, Business Tycoons and Highly Designated Managers and Personnel were using those iconic BlackBerry with Proud :) .

But, When I look back then I found that, BlackBerry has made some mistakes so that, nowadays it is loosing the brand image and teenagers are also using BlackBerry

. In this article, I am going to list out some mistakes which are made by blackberry which led to the cheaper brand image and its value ! Please note that, This points are from my point of view, May be these are wrong
! I advice you to use your logic to evaluate these topic and explanation.

Mobiles can’t be used as Personal Computer ? :
The ignorance of future opportunity will cause you heavy loss. They ignored the fact that, Mobile can also be used as personal computer. Initially BlackBerry became popular because of its unique feature of Push Mail. When iPhone released in 2007, The Research in Motion’s Co-Founder and CEO, Mike Lazaridis said their employee that, People are not interested in getting Personal Computer on mobile, they just want check mails when they are remote from PC. May be this is the egoistic ignorance of iPhone !!

Shifting of Focus Blurs Target ! :
Jim Balsillie is another Co-founder of Research in Motion, who was active in RIM and interested in money making at a stretch also. He is a fan of hockey teams and one good hockey player too, He started buying and investing in hockey teams , may be he found some fortune in that one, but unfortunately, during this time Apple entered into market and strengthen their market with unique way of branding supported by interactive and useful device + awesome apple’s operating system. It’s too late when Jim Balsillie, opened his eye, till then their stock dropped by 16% and apple gained more than 350 % !!

Getting Up Early makes the Difference :
As Jim’s Hockey Teams sleep and Lazaridis’s egoistic though broke and they realized that people really want personal computer in their hands in the form of mobile. Another one thing they got to know very late that, people likes iPhone then BlackBerry and BlackBerry operating system is not in demand to user ! They took a desperate also, in which they bought and a company called QNX which have developed operating system to be used on BlackBerry phones, but bad news is that, This application will be perfectly completed in 2012 end


Give Meaning to the Employees’s Words and Ideas :
When you are operating on a damn good scale with high reputation of your brand and that is just because of there is no one to compete at that time there is no space to do mistake and give loophole to another company. This is the real time when you have to add value to your service and give incredible importance to development and enhancement of the use of your system and device. TO do this, you have to open your hands and mind to accept appropriate ideas and concept. But, rather than doint this BlackBerry did what “Jim and Mike thought !” .. That’s It.

When You don’t find obstacles in a way, Then you are on wrong way !
Actually, When RIM founded and it started growing, their employees are from Waterloo which is city of Mike and Jim. This is a city with majority population of Chinese people and considered that city is Tier 4 in terms of advertising and media. What happened is, When Jim and Mike walk around that city they always found someone who was working for RIM or had worked for RIM. This situation gave them egoistic place in the world and This situation make them remained in the comfort zone or sleep of 4-5 years ! If RIM had founded in Silicon Valley then I think, This would not be the scenario.. and I think, Google would have bought it !


This is all I can figure out in case of BlackBerry ! If you know anything else then please share with us !


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