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Why Baseball is Better Than Football

By Meachrm @BaseballBTYard
In honor of Super Bowl Sunday I thought I'd address this obvious statement.
First, you can't have this argument without showing one of the best performances on the debate by the late George Carlin.  If you've never seen this before, it's a must.  Enjoy.
Here are 10 of my own reasons as to why baseball is better.
  1. Pre-game shows don't last half the day in baseball.
  2. Nobody ever starts a song by saying "Take me out to the football game!"
  3. We don't have to endure the Black Eyed Peas during any "halftime" in baseball.  People come to see the game, not singers or commercials
  4. On that note, there is no halftime.  Baseball coaches don't have the luxury of having a half hour in the middle of the game to conference and change strategies.  You do it on the fly or you lose in baseball.
  5. A MLB player wouldn't dare do what we see all the time in football games - a player do some sort of a dance even when his team is losing.
  6. The popularity of baseball is because of the game itself, not the "show" surrounding the game like in football.  Football has become one small step above professional wrestling.
  7. Average people can relate to baseball players.  You can have the physique of John Kruk, the skinniness of Tim Lincecum, and the height of David Eckstein and still be world class. 
  8. Baseball players can't hide.  In football, if a receiver stinks you don't throw it to him.  Ever.  In baseball, sooner or later every player comes up to the plate with a bat and all eyes are on him.
  9. You don't have to endure the typical football coach pre-game analysis .. "If we can limit their running and passing game, get some turnovers, move the ball down field with a good mix of running and throwing, and limit our mistakes, we should be ok."  No kidding genius.
and the final one is ...

    10. In football, an endzone dance will get you on ESPN.  A homerun dance in baseball will             get you a baseball planted in your ear ... or one of your teammates.

I could go on but why beat a dead horse?  Go Steelers!

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