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Why Are Some People Homosexuals ?

By Psychologicalmonroe @psychologicalmo
     Homosexuality, a life choice, God's creation, a psychiatric disorder, a genetic mutation, or just an overall failure in life? -- It has been noted that homosexuality was once recognized as a psychological disorder, which was actually within the DSM (Diagnoses statistical manual) for psychological disorders. Moreover, there are many of theories, perhaps hundreds, if not thousands of theories, predispositions, pre-judgments, hypotheses, and opinions that all emphasize of homosexuality and the causation of the "disorder" (for lack of a better term). However, in reality no one really knows why some people are homosexual, where others prefer the company of the opposite sex. It is safe to say however that there is just an unbearable amount of hate that is portrayed onto this population and it has been noted that these youth are most vulnerable to actual psychological disorders, such as depression, and suicide. Soo, it seems that there is no conclusive evidence to suggest that this way of life is any kind of psychological disorder, however it is heavily associated with things such as depression and low self worth and self esteem. Now the question is, does the "disorder" of homosexuality cause depressive symptoms -- or does society implant these ideas and views into people. Homosexuality is not a disorder of any kind, what-so-ever. I wrote within a previous blog posting that it may have to do with prenatal hormones, however, this has not been conclusive. There is just so much hate to this population of people and I fear that it will never go away -- we are talking about people of all ages and all backgrounds who are being tormented because their sexual orientation is not of the norm and they are unwilling to conform to societal rules and normalities. Perhaps it is more logical to state that the depression within this population, is not associated with homosexuality itself, however is associated with everything else (in terms of how they are treated). Within this world, we have different cultures, societies, religions, races, social classes, genders, and sexual orientations. People will always portray mass quantities of hate onto people or things that are different from their norms. We have differences within religions, cultures, social classes, racism, ageism, and the profound discrimination against homosexuals. I think that there will be always hate against the people who do not conform to the natural status quo. Also I truly do not believe that this world can move forward and mature until everyone works together and discrimination is a thing of the past.  Why are some people homosexuals ?
     ----- As you may have realized, this is not my usual posting. I did not include any references, nor did i even spell check or fix the grammar what so ever. I just wanted to speak my feelings about the matter and have done so within the most disorganized, rambly way possible. I am a 21 year old male, who is not homosexual, I am within a long term relation ship and believe that everyone, and everything should be treated equally. I have noted before that homosexuality is found within every type of animal species on the planet, however, we (the human beings/ the smartest) are the only ones who have a problem with it. That being said, I wanted to create this type of posting because of the veeeeeeeeeery little, closed minded, ignorant people out there who believe that they can diagnose people who are gay with some type of mental disorder. Or you may get those people who make the evolution point, where homosexuals cannot procreate, therefore serve no important purpose for the future of human civilization, therefore will most likely not survive. <-- closed minded way of thinking. Then you will get those other people (the westboro baptist church), the religious freaks who believe that they know the way of the lord, and all of that jazz. In conclusion, just be who ever you are and love you self, as well as everyone/thing else. It is important to note that mental health is really dependent on your biological make up, and the experiences that your endure, therefore, that really concludes that homosexuality does not cause depression but the environment which a homosexual develops within does. Thanks for reading! 
     ------- Once again, I am sorry for the disorganization within this post, it was not premeditated at all and just came out in a sort of verbal vomit. If you have any questions, or comments, please leave them down below and please look for the next posting coming soon.  Photos by   Kevin Siers at the Charlotte Observer
Why are some people homosexuals ?

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