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Why Adobe Photoshop is Important to Me?

By Jonathan Orbuda @ilovetansyong
Why Adobe Photoshop is Important to Me?
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Creativity is not enough in creating content. You still need some help from the technology side to enhance the final output.  In blogging, photos are part of the final output to produce a visual in the story.Indeed, you need to consider that unpleasant photos will ruin the totality of the output no matter how good the story is. Especially in the world of internet, it is a competition to get the attention of the netizen and how you’ll keep their attention to finish reading your articles.
This is not a sponsored post or whatever from the ADOBE Companies, but I highly love their product named Adobe Photoshop. I’ve been maintaining this blog for how many years and Adobe Photoshop is part of it.
 Using this software as a photo editor needs familiarization so that you can maximise the full potential of this.  At first, I had hard time using this editor since I have no knowledge about it –at all. I just watched my friends in college as they we’re editing photos for the publication – wherein I was also part of the said group.
I was amazed how they turned a dull photo into a dynamic and eye-catching output. They’re even removing the pimples from the faces in just a simple eraser. From then, my I started to study in my own on how to use such software. This software made my photos worth blogging (Click here for the sample). Even posting in my social media – twitter,facebook and Instagram – I’ll make sure that there is no raw file that I uploaded instead it will go first to the hand of  my beloved Adobe Photoshop.
Until now, I am still using this software for my blogs and for my client’s projects; simultaneously learning some techniques (Learning is continues though). Some smart phones now offered photo editor software and there are also online photo editor that you can be downloaded on your smartphone but I still prefer Photoshop due to its capacity to edit and enhance the way I wanted.

Why Adobe Photoshop is Important to Me?
 That is it for today, I just want to share you guys what I used to edit and enhance my photos online. If you’re an online content creator, aside from Photoshop, what photo editor you used? Leave your comment below.

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