Jonathan Orbuda


Our Silicon Brain is now electronically connected to the world of no boundaries the so called “worldwide web”. We guys are superseding the limitless spaces for writing, taking pictures and telling your stories to the world through Blogs. Instant socializing with people by means of internet and building a strong relationship to them are easy for us with the help of social networking. Online Business and Marketing are very famous now through E-commerce. Undoubtedly, Internet nowadays plays a huge role in our daily life.

Meanwhile, I am not new in blogging thingy anymore and I always travel , therefore I come up with the idea of doing a blog about travel, about my peculiar experiences in every places I've been, in every people I've talked , in every cultures I've encountered, every best bite of foods. I knew thousands of travel bloggers already exist and their travel legacy is undeniably amazing. But here I am, trying to do my own legacy in narrating my tales and believing that I can also publish a meaningful post. The Pillar of various Epics to those popular bloggers are already well founded, but here I am, trying to build my own pillar that can be considered as a speculum of your own future stories.

Moreover, reading other blogs is one of the reason why I also blog. Those Blogs with substance and meanings are my motivations to follow them and adaptation of ideas arises.

In addition to that, since I love Writing and I Love Travelling, it is a huge advantage for me to use those

things that I loved to create a travel Blog. Those idle pictures saved in my USB, stories to remember and experiences that are worth telling for were my raw files to start my own cyberspace.

I am aware that blogging is such a challenge that will leads me to avoid the state of being a stagnant individual. Well, I hate myself seeing as ease in my comfort zone doing nothing. I believe because of this Blog, I can be a productive person somehow.

In this First post of Mine, I promise myself to continue this craft up until my last breath. With immense and mightier keyboard, I thank God for this fortuity of practicing life on paper, showcasing my capacity, and measuring my infinite skill in blogging.

Hoping In this Blog, I can touch other lives, and share information.


These activities are essential for every travelers who are doing blogs prime to become famous. Our Ambition starts with the alpha of basic writing and travelling about Philippines and concludes with the omega of answering the Question “What Philippines really is?” But how come that basic information about Philippines is still unsearchable? Well , That’s the challenge.

“The Fracas of Philippines Travel Blogging”. I think I am ready for the battle royal to search what is Philippines and beyond.



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