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Posted on the 23 July 2014 by Adask

It's a MYSTERY!  Who Dunnit? [courtesy Google Images]

It’s a MYSTERY! Who Dunnit?
[courtesy Google Images]

1) the Ukrainian rebels supported by Russia;

2) the government of Russia; or

3) the government of Ukraine.

Although the Ukrainian rebels were initially blamed, I’ve argued from the beginning (Who Destroyed Malaysia Flight 17?)  that the rebels were the least likely suspect because they lacked the necessary training, experience and expertise to operate a highly sophisticated weapons system like the Buk SA-11.

Apparently, the Ukraine government now agrees with me.  According to CNN (MH17 Crash: Did Russia pull the trigger?  Ukraine says yes):

“Vitaly Nayda, Ukraine’s director of informational security, told CNN the person who shot down the flight was “absolutely” a Russian. “A Russian-trained, well-equipped, well-educated officer … pushed that button deliberately,” he said.”

Thus, insofar as the Ukraine government claims that a Russian military officer must’ve been at the controls when when the Buk launcher fired the missile at Flight MH17, even the Ukrainian government now implicitly agrees that the Ukraine rebels couldn’t have pulled the trigger on the Buk SA-11 missile .  I.e., the Ukraine government implicitly admits that there’s no way one of the Ukraine rebels could’ve had enough knowledge or training to operate the Buk weapons system.

Therefore, our list of usual suspects can be shortened from three to two:

1) the Ukrainian rebels supported by Russia;

2) the government of Russia; or

3) the government of Ukraine.

•  As I’ve written from the beginning, I can’t see or imagine any reason why the government of Russia would authorize the destruction of Flight MH17.  From the beginning, I’ve doubted that Russia was guilty of firing the missile.

Yesterday, despite the US government’s earlier, frantic efforts to blame the government of Russia (and especially Vladimir Putin) for firing the missile that brought down Flight MH17, the Associated Press reported (US:  No evidence of direct Russian link to plane) that:

“Senior U.S. intelligence officials say they have no evidence of direct Russian government involvement in the shooting down of Malaysia Airlines Flight 17.”

Thus, US intelligence appears to have exonerated the government of Russia from our list of suspects.  The former list of three, then two, is now reduced to one:

1) the Ukrainian rebels supported by Russia;

2) the government of Russia; or

3) the government of Ukraine.

However, according to the Associated Press article, US intelligence still blames the Ukrainian rebels for firing the missile and blames Russia for arming the rebels with the missiles:

“They say the passenger jet was likely felled by an SA-11 surface-to-air missile fired by Russian-backed separatists in eastern Ukraine and that Russia ‘created the conditions’ for the downing by arming the separatists.”

I’m not surprised by those claims.  After all, just last February of this year–while Russia hosted the Winter Olympics–the US government was implicated in the overthrow of previous Ukraine government led by then-President Victor Yanukovych.    Yanukovych’s primary offense was that he and much of the Ukraine wanted closer ties to Russia.

The US wanted to sever the growing relationship between Russia and Ukraine in order to install high-speed, anti-ICBM missiles on Ukraine that would be capable of attacking Russian ICBMs immediately after they were launched in Russia and were lumbering into the air at relatively slow speeds.

Russia was infuriated by the US overthrow of the previous Ukrainian government.  More, Russia knew that if the new Ukraine government (led by new President Petro Poroshenko who was largely installed by and loyal to the US) installed anti-ICBMs on its soil, Russia would be vulnerable to a first-strike nuclear attack by the US and/or Europe.

Russia annexed the Crimea and welcomed the Ukraine rebels who wanted to separate a large piece of eastern Ukraine from control of the Ukraine government and join the eastern Ukraine to Russia.  If Russia could gain any part of eastern Ukraine, it would cause the anti-ICBM missiles to be installed further away from Russian ICBMs and thereby protect Russia’s defense against a first-strike nuclear attack.

My point is that the US intelligence officers who now admit that the Russian government did not fire the missile that destroyed Flight MH17, are still obligated to blame somebody, anybody, other than the Ukraine government that the CIA helped install just five months ago.  Therefore, they blame the rebels even though Ukraine intelligence implicitly admits that the rebels lacked sufficient training to operate a Buk SA-11 weapons system.

All of which reduces our list of three suspects to only one:

1) the Ukrainian rebels supported by Russia;

2) the government of Russia; or

3) the government of Ukraine.

But if the government of Ukraine is the only remaining suspect, we still have to ask why would Ukraine shoot down a commercial jetliner?  I don’t see any gain possible for Russia to have shot down Flight MH17.  But I also don’t see any gain possible for Ukraine.

In fact, we’ve had unconfirmed reports that, according to an unidentified “whistle blower” within the CIA, US satellite images have confirmed that: 1) the missile was fired from a Buk launcher in territory controlled by the Ukraine government; and 2) the ground around the launch site was littered with beer bottles.

Implication?  A bunch of Ukraine soldiers got drunk and fired a Buk SA-11 for fun.  Thus, although the missile was launched from territory controlled by the US-backed government of Ukraine, the US-backed government of Ukraine can’t be held responsible for the tom-foolery of a bunch of drunken soldiers who were jus’ havin’ some fun.  (Hey, just be glad the Ukrainians don’t have any more ICBMs, or some drunks might fool around, launch, and start WWIII!)

Even the US intelligence officers who recently admitted to the Associated Press that Russia didn’t fire the Buk missile, also declared that “the most likely explanation was the plane was shot down by mistake.”

Well, isn’t that reassuring?  298 people were shot out of the sky because either some drunks got a little too frisky, or some sober guy made a mistake.

Again, let’s hope that the personnel evaluations that determine who gets to control all of the world’s ICBMs are a little more stringent than the Ukraine government’s controls over its drunks and incompetents.

The nice thing about explaining the missile launch as the result of a mistake or drunken intoxication is that, if we accept either of those stories, we don’t have to look further for a cause.  We needn’t wonder about the “why” because there is no “why”.  It just happened by accident or alcohol that 298 people died.  It was an “act of God,” see–or maybe an act of beer.  But there was no deeper reason.  Because it was an “accident,” there was no intent.   And therefore, we need not investigate further.

But, does anyone really believe that some drunk or some incompetent could “accidentally” launch a Buk SA-11 that “accidentally” shot a commercial airliner out of the sky?  Is that likely?  Is that even possible?  You just jump in the cab of the Buk launcher, turn the radio up loud to catch some tunes, hit the red button, a missile fires–Whoosh!  Whatta rush, man!–and then hits any nearby airplane?

Is that what happened?

Or do they design those missiles systems so it takes at least two, perhaps three different people–acting in concert in two or three different vehicles or locations–to launch a Buk SA-11?  Can a Buk SA-11 be fired with just the say-so of one drunk or one incompetent?

I don’t know.  But, if not, can you get two or three people to accidentally–or drunkenly–to act in concert?  Probably not.

So, maybe the destruction of Flight MH17 was not the result of accident or alcohol.  Maybe it was not unintentional.  Maybe somebody fired that missile with the intent to destroy Flight MH17.   If so, the persons responsible should be identified, arrested, charged, tried as mass murderers and, if found guilty, executed.  If so, our investigations should not stop based on claims of “accident”.  Our investigations should continue.

•  Flight MH17 was shot down on Thursday, July 17th.

On Friday, July 18th, I published an article entitled “US imposes unilateral sanctions on Russia?”  In that article, I observed that the US was forced to impose unilateral sanctions on Russia because the European Union was unwilling to follow the US lead.  The EU was instead drawing closer to Russia and further apart from the US.  I pointed out that this growing alliance between Russia and the EU was a victory for Russia and a defeat for the US.

I wrote,

Unilateral US sanctions also imply that Europe realizes that it has more in common with Russian that with the US.  Again, that’s a victory for Russia.

“Unilateral sanctions are admissions that the US has not only lost influence over Europe, but is being ‘divided’ from Europe in the sense of “divide and conquer”.

“The EU/US alliance isn’t broken, but it is eroding.”

Unfortunately, in that article, I did not suggest any relationship between the EU’s growing separation from the US and growing alliance with Russia as providing a basis for the destruction of Flight MH17.

In retrospect, my failure to connect those dots was an oversight. (Wouldn’t I have seemed smart, if I’d made that connection at that time?!)

I certainly can’t prove, but I absolutely suspect that Flight MH17 was intentionally destroyed by a Ukraine government-controlled Buk missile under instructions from the United States government and/or the CIA.

The apparent objective was to frame Russia with responsibility for the disaster in a false flag operation (see, False Flag on Russia? and More Evidence of False Flag against Russia) and thereby drive a wedge between the growing EU/Russian alliance and scare the EU into running back to subservience to the US.

Unfortunately for the perpetrators of this purported false flag operation, it’s now generally agreed that Russia did not destroy Flight MH17.  The false flag operation (if there was one) has failed.  The intended patsy (Russia) has been exonerated.   The other intended patsy (the Ukraine rebels) almost certainly lacked the requried training, experience and expertise to launch the missile and hit the target.

The only other plausible perpetrator at this time is the government of Ukraine.  If the world leans on them, they must either tell us why they intentionally shot down Flight MH17 or they must admit that they accidentally or drunkenly shot down Flight MH17.

In order to avoid Ukraine governmental responsibility for downing Flight MH17, some individual Ukrainians soldiers will have to admit that they fired the missile by accident or by alcoholic misadventure.  Whoever admits to having accidentally or drunkenly fired that missile will either be executed or spend the rest of their lives in prison for mass murder. It’s going to be hard for the Ukraine government to find some men who will voluntarily take the rap for firing the missile.  It’s going to be hard to identify several men responsible for the accident and/or drunken idiocy who can keep their stories straight and their mouths shut.  If they’re lying, they’ll be exposed.

Ideally, the Ukraine government could identify just one man (the “lone rocketeer theory”) as being responsible.  He could be found dead after committing suicide and then–darn it!–we would never know what drove him to fire that missile.

But I’m extremely skeptical that a Buk missile can be launched by just one man.  I’ll bet it takes at least two, maybe three, maybe more.  If so, the “lone rocketeer theory” won’t work.  That means several men must not only be blamed for firing the missile but be willing to accept responsibility, life imprisonment and/or execution for their acts.  It won’t be easy to find several Ukrainians who can 1) keep their stories straight; and 2) willingly die, if necessary, for the greater glory of an Ukrainian government that was installed by the United States just five months ago.

I admit that the real explanation for the destruction of Flight MH17 may be “accident” or “alcoholic misadventure”.  But I don’t believe that’s true. If it was, the US should have satellite images of where the missile was fired from.  Once the location of the missile launcher is known, it should be fairly easy to identify the men who were in control of that particular launcher.  Once their identities are known, they should be arrested, interrogated, tried, etc.–and most of, paraded before the world as the only guilty perpetrators of the Flight MH17 disaster.

However, so far as I know, the US has not yet released its satellite images of the missile launch and strike.  So far as I know, we don’t yet know for sure where the missile launcher was located when if fired the missile.

I wonder why not.

In fact, it seems almost as strange to me that the missile launcher’s location has not yet been revealed as it once seemed strange that Jack Ruby could shoot Lee Harvey Oswald in a police station–and then later die in prison from cancer.

If the government of Ukraine can’t find some chumps willing to take the rap for Flight MH17, the “accident” and “drunkenness” theories are going to fall apart.  If those theories fail, we’re back to looking for the why.  We’re back to looking for the intent.  We’re back to looking for the real, though shadowy figures, who had both the power and the reason to cause a Buk missile to destroy Flight MH17.

The Ukraine rebels had neither the power nor reason.

Russia had such power, but no reason.

The Ukraine government had power, but no reason.

The only people who I can see who might’ve had both power and reason to bring down Flight MH17 is the United States government.  I believe the US government had the power to pull the strings of its puppets in the Ukraine government to cause the missile to be launched.  The US government also had reason to create a false flag event to vilify Russia and Putin and thereby prevent the EU from leaving the US to join a more profitable alliance with Russia.

In crime dramas, they call that “opportunity” and “motive”. The fact that the US had both opportunity and motive (power and reason) to destroy Flight MH17 does not prove that the US is guilty.  Without more evidence, all I can offer you is a conspiracy theory.

But I’ll bet that before this is done, more evidence will emerge–especially from whoever is blamed for operating the missile launcher.  Those who dismiss my conspiracy theory as absurd today will soon come to at least admit that my theory is plausible.

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