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Who Ya Gonna Call? Earnings Busters

Posted on the 09 June 2011 by Phil's Stock World @philstockworld

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Who Ya Gonna Call?  Earnings Busters

By Scott Brown, President, Sabrient

David Brown, Chief Market Strategist at Sabrient, was formerly a NASA scientist who built lunar surface models to prepare American astronauts for the first landing on the moon. At NASA, he consistently emphasized models that take into account all possible variables.

He isn’t building space models anymore, but at Sabrient Systems he builds models for quantifying stocks that have consistently outperformed the indexes.

Using these models, David selects stocks that emphasize their earnings potential  because earnings drive stock prices.

He has written a report on 10 top-ranked stocks, which he calls “Earnings Busters.”  The report shows you how to spot an Earnings Buster, and it includes 10 stocks that have all the earnings busting qualities. Learn more at Sabrient. 

Here’s the report – 10 Earnings Busters to Trade Now

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