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Who Will Be Last in the AFC North

By Kipper @pghsportsforum
I was talking with a friend and we agreed that the stains have a chance to beat out the ratbirds or the bungels who both have a pretty good chance of totally imploding. The rats have either too old or too young on their team with few developing players. The bungles O line will probably feature a 35+ yr old left tackle and zero depth at center. It should be fun watching one or both swirling the bowl.
The Ratbirds, do have a decent coach, a great GM and an owner that seems to know how to keep it on the up and up. I think they are very capable of turning it around. It may take some time, but I wouldn't count them out.
Bungholes are a prison team, with a despicable coach, ownership that seems to be willing to grab at anything that will win a few games, even if it will lead to disaster in the long run. They could implode at any minute.
The Clowns.... what can I say, I just feel bad for the fans.
The ownership and management are so oblivious to their own imbecility that it is a miracle they don't choke to death on their own spit, because they are too dumb to shallow. I may be wrong, but in a league of revenue sharing and designed parity, I don't see moneyball as anything other that a fools errand (a big fool).
For the fans, I would like to see them become competitive, but I just don't see anything other than sustained disaster for the Clowns while the present leadership is calling the shots.
Just my opinion of course.

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