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Who to Snog, Marry and Avoid?

By Ashleylister @ashleylister
So, decisions, decisions!  In the absence of a significant other in my life, I could choose anyone really couldn't I?  Are you worried yet?  Mwahahahahahahaha.
Seriously though, since becoming a Widow 3 years ago, I have been leading a solitary life, as you do when these sort of things happen.  To be brutally honest, I can't say that anyone in real life has turned my head, to REALLY start looking for love again.
Therefore, for this weeks topic, I thought I would draw on the wealth of well known faces that we call TV Stars.  There may have been over the years, one or two people on TV who I may have had a little bit of a crush on.  With all the hype surrounding Dr. Who at the moment, it was the ideal opportunity for me to talk about a Programme that I love watching, with an Actor who I think is just lovely.
Who to Snog, Marry and Avoid?

I'd love to snog your face off
Together in tender embrace
Gently nibbling and brushing lips
Trace the contours of your face

In time we'll get Married
I want you to be mine
To be my constant Companion
Until the end of time

But, just so you know, we'll have to avoid
For a while, those troublesome foes of yours
Saving the Universe is all well and good
But being the Doctors Wife takes getting used to of course.
I'll leave it to your own imaginations as to which of the Doctors I'm talking about. I shall be watching tomorrow evening for the latest installment, will you?   #SaveTheDay
Thanks for reading!  ;-)

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