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Who the %*&# is Carl Jenkinson?

By Thetoaststaff
Who the %*&# is Carl Jenkinson?

That is what I said when I heard that we signed the youngster from Charlton for 1 million pounds.This is by no means, an article aimed at bad mouthing or taking shots at Jenkinson.I am sure that he is a talented player and a nice young lad.I trust that Wenger has a plan for him and hope that he has an excellent career in North London.With that said my problem is that we are actually announcing the signing and parading him around like this is a guy that will actually help us this year.Arsenal Football Club and Arsene Wenger need to be doing a better job of campaigning for support of the club from the fan base.These fans are a beaten down bunch.We all watched in agony as this team folded like a cheap suit down the stretch.With the terrible end to the season, we need some much needed good news.The only articles seen in the papers are the seemingly incessant Fabregas to Barcelona rumors, the Samir Nasri contract fiasco, and Gael Clichy being linked to Liverpool.I still have a “I’ll believe when I see it” attitude when it comes to Wenger’s supposed Summer Shopping Spree and signing 1 million pound Jenkinson is not really helping.I am hearing constant Gervinho and Eden Hazard to Arsenal rumors as well as the recent Leighton Baines as a replacement for Clichy if he indeed does leave rumor(Which is a move that I would welcome with open arms).Arsenal simply should have waited until a couple of new signings are unveiled and paraded around for the public to see before letting everyone know they signed some young kid from Charlton Athletic.

In regard to the Nasri situation, I trust that Wenger will do what is necessary to find the best solution.Nasri is either trying to strong arm the club or he indeed does want to leave.I like Nasri as a player, but I feel that he is FAR from a finished product and has a lot of improving to do before he is considered World Class.His first half of this season was simply spectacular.Scoring goals and just being a driving force in the squad.Down the stretch he was invisible when we needed him the most.He apparently wants to make the same amount that Cesc makes at Arsenal.Cesc has been here for 7 years and has put together way more than half of a good season.If Samir doesn’t sign before the start of the season, Wenger has to sell him.I don’t care if he only gets 1 dollar in the deal, we cannot let Nasri potentially waltz his way to another Premier League team on a free.Nasri needs to sign his 90k a week deal and work harder to become a better and more consistent player and he will get his pay day and will hopefully be lifting trophies at Arsenal.

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