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Who Suits a Pixie Haircut?

By Imogenl @ImogenLamport
Who Suits a Pixie Haircut?

Halle Berry, Anne Hathaway, Sharon Stone and Winona Ryder all rock the pixie crop

Anne Hathaway is currently sporting a pixie crop hairstyle and on the right features it looks gorgeous. Having spent some time studying those women who rock it I’ve come up with a few pointers on the features you need to make it work.

Who Suits a Pixie Haircut?

John Frieda’s Pixie Haircut measurement

According to John Frieda, hairdresser to the stars, a measurement of 5.5cm or less from the base of the ear to the bottom of the chin is important, this is because it makes you look less jaw heavy (a more ‘masculine’ trait).  So in general, shorter face shapes (square and round) find it easier to carry off shorter hair.

What I have noticed about those that really look fabulous with a really short haircut is that they have:

1. Feminine facial features

2. Great cheekbones

3. Either large eyes ore a great smile or more generous lips.

Who Suits a Pixie Haircut?

My ear/jaw measurement is 7cm which is longer than the recommended 5.5cm or less for a pixie cut


I tried very short hair, but always felt that I needed to wear more makeup to look more feminine.  My ear/chin measurement is 7cm and I don’t have great cheekbones or larger lips or eyes, so maybe that’s why it didn’t really work on me.

Have you ever tried really short hair?  How did it look on you?

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