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Who's The Goose Presents: Jacques Greene & Boogaloo Crew: 31st March @ The Roundhouse

Posted on the 23 March 2011 by Pelski
Who's The Goose Presents: Jacques Greene & Boogaloo Crew: 31st March @ The Roundhouse
A string of debut European dates were announced by LuckyMe candidate Jacques Greene earlier this year. It seems that Manchester has been lucky enough to bag one of these rarefied slots, where upon hosting Jacques' arrival shall be 'Who's the Goose', a secretive gander of up and comers who have been causing our renewable rumour mill to work over time. Being Jacques first Mancunian migration, The Goose Boys aim to make a comfy nest for him, so alongside some stellar farmyard antics, there will be burgeoning support from that troublesome duo The Boogaloo Crew. The Goose Crew have kindly allowed me to round off the evening's event, so I'll do my best to keep it moving through the early hours.
Montreal based house jockey Jacques Greene grabbed all our attention just a  few weeks ago, when the superb vinyl release of 'Another Girl' dropped on LuckyMe on the 14th March. Jacques' soulful renditions of garage laced drum syncopation and acidic chicago heritage, seemed to signal a well rounded conclusion of 2010's left-field bass explorations, where many new world producers had become lost in the disjointed footwork of this mangled genre. Thankfully, Jacque has rounded up all these flailing ideas that have been lost in the bass of miscommunication, only to bind them in unison - turning the half breed into a fully formed new breed. Be sure to check the digital release which will be synced with your auto cue on March 29th, with remixes from Koreless and Machinedrum attached.
LM008 - ANOTHER GIRL by Jacques Greene
Here's a little freebie of Jacque remixed by another transatlantic bass hopper and fellow American counterpart, Kingdom.
Jacques Greene - Tell Me (Kingdom Edit)
Stay tuned this week for a little Q&A catch up with The Boogaloo Crew, our longtime conspirers of all things worthy in the realm of Future Garage and Dubstep. In the mean time, check out this lovely little glory tune of theirs called 'Running Wild' - think along the lines of your personal all day parade in song format, then your locked in the vibe.
Later this week, all the set times will be going up too, plus a little remix from Resident Goose Roskin. Click on the Facebook link for more info about tickets and location in the mean time.

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