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"Who's the Better Killer....?"

Posted on the 24 November 2014 by Jamesswezey
So this weekend went by too fast, although the good thing is I have a shortened week due to the Thanksgiving holiday; thank God for that one woman who really pushed one of our previous presidents to make it a national holiday. I feel like I was supposed to get more done than I did, but oh well, what can one do. So I should be writing more if I have free time, but I don't seem to have the energy and motivation, which really sucks. I decided once more that I need a clone, which can go to work for me while I write and chill; that would be perfect. Okay, so I am one of those people that enjoyed The Chronicles of Riddick, so I thought that I would like the follow up film Riddick, and although I didn't find it dreadful, it wasn't really that great either. I'm not really a big fan of the scenario of being trapped on one planet and trying to get off by outsmarting a bunch of mercenaries while wild animals are killing everyone. It was therefore kind of dull, and the ending was very anti-climactic. I like the character of Riddick, and I like the look and feel of the film, and some of the other characters were good, but honestly, it was all kind of blah like and a let down. Vin Diesel was excellent as Riddick of course, since he created that character I highly doubt anyone else could pull it off. The rest of the cast was fine, small, but fine. I'm not certain how Western Christianity and Hispanic culture figures into the Riddick universe, but it wormed its way into there somehow and came off as really....well...out of place and awkward. If you don't see it, then you won't miss anything; it was entertaining, although I was distracted with something else while I was watching it the majority of the time so that might not have helped much. I wouldn't encourage people to go and see the film, but at the same time if you like that kind of mind numbing action then you will love this film. So there's not a whole lot of good news in the world; either we're getting over the Ebola scare, or the news media just finds what's going on in Iraq and the Ukraine much more interesting, aside from the rancor of American politics. I don't know if any of you have ever reached that point when you've spoke, and spoke, and spoke, and spoke your mind and heart out for so long and nothing happens, it's a little disheartening. That's how I feel about the mess that has been unfolding in Syria for over 4 years and has now destabilized the entire region and threatens to undermine over a decade of hard earned American and Iraqi sweat and blood in Iraq. The unfortunate thing of it is I don't think it will ever get better; the window of opportunity for positive, effective change has slammed shut for good and European and American powers have poisoned the well of good will for at least a couple of generations of people over there. Such a shame. Still, we should keep those people in mind, and those that battle and fight against tyranny across the world in an effort to have the basics of freedom. I am very thankful for all of the freedoms I enjoy. Goodnight and good luck everyone.
Riddick trailer
Vin Diesel interview on the character of Riddick
Strange Magic trailer (looks pretty good).

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