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Who Rejected It? You.

By Atulsharmasharma
Who rejected it? You.A man who died was being shown around Heaven by St. Peter. They visited many beautiful places and walked down wondrous avenues and the man was more and more in awe of what he was seeing.
At some point in their tour, they arrive at a place that St. Peter calls the "heavenly junkyard":

"Here you will find all the gifts from Heaven", he explained, "that people on Earth rejected."
The man was dumbstruck:

"How could that be?" he asked, incredulously. "Some of these things are beautiful and extraordinary", he said, gazing around. "Look at that Mercedes over there! Who could have rejected something like that?"
St. Peter chuckled: "Funny you ask about that car, actually. As it happens, the person who rejected that was YOU."

"Impossible!" the man protested. "I would have never refused such a gift!"

"But you did" St. Peter insisted. "You see, it was all ready and waiting for you, but when you prayed and asked for a car, all you were thinking about and had eyes for was a little Volkswagen."
How often we are so stuck, in our minds, on the things we want, that we fail to notice the gifts that are right here, waiting for us or available if we but make the right efforts for them?

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