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Importance of Perception

By Atulsharmasharma
A man always wanted to visit India and meet one of its great Yogis. But his worldly duties never allowed him to leave his home. So, soon after his retirement he headed to India. One day while soaking in the spirituality of Haridwar he encountered a Yogi who was in deep meditation on a small hillock. The man sat in front of the Yogi waiting for him to open his eyes. After a few hours when the Yogi opened his eyes he saw the man intently watching him. The Yogi smiled affectionately and asked the man about the reason of his presence.
The man prostrated in front of the Yogi, got up and asked, ' What is this world?'
'This world is a bed of roses.'
' My teacher told me this world is a bed of thornes.'
' May be it is for him.'
The Yogi replied and again went back to his meditation.
The man understood the importance of perception.
( This story was freely circulating on net. I narrated it in my own words)

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