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Who Let Russell Out?

Posted on the 01 June 2012 by Eric And Sookie Lovers @EricSookieLover
Nothing new on my favorite vampire today but there’s a few more clues emerging about when we will find out who is responsible for unleashing my second favorite good thing back into the Bon Temps world. Dennis O’Hare has given a little spoiler to E! today. Kate A.: True Blood scoop! Who brought Russell back? Excellent question! Let’s ask him, shall we? “It’s somebody who nobody knows yet,” Dennis O’Hare tells us. “It’s a surprising character. And I think you get a hint in episode two, and then a big hint in episode five.” One thing we do know for sure: Russell did not grow softer while buried in the cement…except for one thing. “He’s still vicious, he’s still dangerous, he’s still highly charming, but they added all this stuff to him. We get to see him fall in love!” Awww! Ain’t nothing sweeter than a former vampire king falling in love, right? So keep your eyes and ears alert for episode 2 and the first hint on who done it. As it’s someone we haven’t seen before that rules out Pam (phew!). I’m still going with Salome. Russell is the only character in the show old enough to be her daddy. Being part of the authority and possibly even Roman’s girlfriend are slightly pouring rain on my theory parade, but she could just be one hell of a double agent. Besides if she’s going to be having an intimate moment with Bill Compton, she’s obviously not that loyal and obedient to her Authority boss! And she’d certainly fit those elegent gloved hands spied in the latest promo very well.Other possibilities could be Nora (nah – anyone who loves Eric wouldn’t let his arch-nemesis out) or Authority member Rosalyn (who we don’t yet know much about). And who is going to be the lucky guy Russell falls in love with? Someone has already speculated Steve Newlin. Please, please, please let it be Steve Newlin!Let us know who you think Russell’s little helper is, and who is the lucky new object of his affection?Source—————————- A couple of little Sookie snippets.Firstly on her relationship with the newly “whatever” Tara. Rutina Wesley gave a few clues to TV Guide. Of course there’s also the question of what Sookie and Tara’s friendship will be like after these events, and Wesley did say that friendship “will be significantly different”: “That’s going to be the interesting part to watch: Tara’s reaction to Sookie and Sookie’s reaction to Tara. All I can say is it’s charged.” So not only will Sookie be dealing with Russell after her blood and however Tara does return, she’ll also be dealing with changes on a personal level. How will this experience change Tara’s views of everything? What will this mean for their friendship when the season ends? So much can happen before the finale, and it’s likely that will include what happens between Sookie and Tara—and everyone else who is affected by the changes coming. SourceAnd Alan Ball spoke to Access Hollywood about how Anna’s pregnancy is being  handled as they film the final episodes of season 5. “So, in the last few episodes, Sookie’s holding a big purse in front of her at all times. I actually heard from the costume designer about midway through the season, she went, ‘Sookie can’t wear a Merlotte’s T-shirt anymore.’ And I went, ‘Well, it’s a good thing Sookie isn’t really at Merlotte’s anymore, she’s basically trying to save the world.’ So, we’ll put her in loose-fitting, save the world outfits.” Source  All screencaps skarsgardfans

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