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"Who Knew It Was Not So New?" Review

By Grocerygems @grocerygems
Grocery Gems is all about new and limited edition products, so you won't be surprised to hear that I hate it when goods still have NEW on them, even though they have been out for more than a year. I'm not talking about small local shops that might have old stock. I'm talking about products in major supermarkets and chains. I can only assume that these products are being produced with the word "new" on them, even though THEY ARE NOT NEW.

So, fellow consumers, I give you my "Who knew it was not so New?" review of products available in a shop near you. All photos have been taken in the last ten days.
Dairy Milk Bubbly "new"? Really?
Oh look I spotted some NEW Aero Bubbles! Oh no...wait. Are Foodstuff Finds capable of time travel because somehow they spotted them ... in January LAST YEAR!
Here's a double whammy side by side. Milky Way Crispy Rolls - old old old. Also, Nestle Drifters are not claiming to be NEW - silly me, they're just in a "NEW PACK". I'm sure they wouldn't want to confuse consumers into thinking it was a "new" product. Would they?
Galaxy can you please stop with the NEW on your Galaxy Orange & Shortcake. It's been around since 2010! And while we're at it...
...Galaxy Bubbles Orange are not "new" either. They were released in January 2012. Grrrrr!!
And here is another example of a misleading use of the word NEW. Surely Yorkie haven't put the word "New" on this just because it's a slightly different sized pack? Yes, it appears they have.
I have been unable to find a packet of Cadbury Boost Cake Bars that don't have the word NEW on the front despite the fact that they were released in July 2011. These look like they'll be staying "new" throughout 2013!
Sharing bags are especially guilty of an unecessary use of the word NEW. BiscBits Chocolate Crisp are not that "new".
Galaxy Chocolate Caramel bites have been around since 2011 so why are they still being produced with the word NEW on the bag?
Choc Full of Pretzels are not yet a year old, but do they still count as "new"?
Apologies for the fuzziness of the photo but if you place your eyeballs perilously close to the screen you should be able to make out the word NEW. These Kellogg's Rice Krispies Squares Rocky Road were released around 7 months ago.
Should there be a cut off point for use of the word NEW on packaging? Is it misleading to consumers? Let me know your opinion on this very important new "new" issue.
I don't want to let you think there no genuinely new products in the supermarkets; here are a few geuninely "new" products I spotted instores:
Marks & Spencer's Easter range includes this hand decorated white chocolate Hello Kitty - completely adorable!
Cadbury's have released these heart shaped With Love boxes for Valentine's Day, filled with hazelnut praline chocolates. Available at Sainsbury's.
It says "new" and it's actually new - Hooray! Rowntree's Randoms Squidgy Speak were released a few weeks ago, review coming soon!

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