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Who isThe Guy Behind the Blog…

By Terrellmack @terrellmack

So while I am in the process of rebranding/retooling my personal blog I thought i’d let you know who I am and what this blog is. So starting from the top i am Terrell Mack. I’m a communication major studying to go into public relations as well as do some journalistic work if it should come my way. I am also a blogger currently working on another fashion and style based blog. I’m a Rochestian (person from Rochester…The one in New York State) through and through. I was born and raised here and like many others living in the ROC I have a love/hate relationship with it. We get all four seasons here although sometimes its seems like we only have two. Rochester is home to the best grocery chain ever Wegmans, the much hyped “Garbage Plate”, and the Genesee River which is one of the many rivers in the world that flows from South to North. A little more about me im the youngest of 3 and i have 7 biological neices and nephews and 1 great and adorable niece and another on the way. I have a crazy, wonderful family and Ilove them all so much. I’m a huge pop-culture fan and love to know whats going on. Down to the minute and up to the tinist detail. Like I said I’m working on another blog so this one is like the blog behind the blog where I basically share a day in my life, my interests, my say on some subjects, and a lot of things I think are informative, interesting, weird, and funny. with all that said please feel free to follow this blog, twitter, instagram, like me on facebook and if you want play me in a game of Ruzzle (im kinda hooked…just putting it out there)


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