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Who is in the Driveway?

By Twotimesthefun @slcs48n1
We were making breakfast this morning when the brunette twin looked out the window. She was looking for Daddy as the biscuits were about to come out of the oven. She came back and said, "Why is there a truck and a trailer in the driveway?"
I brushed off her question with some vague comment about how the truck probably belonged to one of the contractors working on the two new houses across the street. We've had trucks turning around in the driveway for months now. The two houses were having the yards leveled and black dirt put down.
A few minutes later, we heard Holly barking. The brunette twin said, "Daddy's talking to the guys." We were putting breakfast on the table when Daddy came in and said, "The siding guys are starting work today."
I said, "What?"
Don't get me wrong. We contracted to have our house resided a few weeks ago. The weather had been crummy ever since then. We didn't expect any work to start for a least another week.
The contractor said that he looked at the forecast and decided to take advantage of the good weather when he found it. The old siding started coming down just a few minutes later. We don't know when the new siding will go up, given the weather forecast, but we're ready when the weather is ready to cooperate.

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