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Who Are You Crushing On?

By Theliteraturelion @LiteratureLion
As everyone in the blogosphere knows, it's inevitable to NOT have a book boyfriend. The guys that authors write about are supposed to be appealing and attractive. These authors do a wonderful job luring us to love the boys they write about.
I'm not that boy-crazy type of girl. Hell, it took me forever to get with my boyfriend. Books are a different story though - I'm always falling in love with the guys I read about!
There are three types of guys that I fall in love with, and I'm dividing them up into these different sections: the Show Stoppers, Romantics, and Substances. Take a peek at the three different types of book boys I love!
The Show Stoppers
These guys are known for the wit, charm, and good looks. They know how to ease their way into conversations, keep it smooth with the ladies, and look good while doing it. These guys always have a comment to something said and love making a big scene.
The reason I fall for these guys is because they are enjoyable to be around. They'd be interesting to talk to, they'd make you laugh, and they'd always look good. All of that equals to YUM.
Examples of Show Stoppers: 
Jace Wayland from The Mortal Instruments
Adrian Ivashkov from Bloodlines
Kaiden Rowe from Sweet Evil
The Romantics
These guys simply want to express their love for their girl. Bravery, honesty, and sincerity all add up to make the formula for these guys. They would rather just hang out instead of go to some fancy event, and don't really feel the need to show everyone their love - they just want to show their girl.
The reason I fall for these guys is because of how sweet they are. They'd make you feel like you're the only girl in the world for them, and they will love you until the end of the eart.
Examples of Romantics: 
Prince Maxon from The Selection
Callum Reyes from Reboot
Galen Forza from Of Poseidon
The Substances
This is a really cheesy name for these boys. I had no other way to describe them, besides the fact that they have substance. They're intelligent and clever, yet caring. They're able to have intelligent conversations with anyone, and would throw in some jokes to break the ice. They're the guys that just have everything put together.
The reason I fall for these guys is simply because of their substance! They're not just good looks and words, or they aren't overly clingy. These guys are simply wonderful. Another thing is that I'd be able to actually talk to them - they'd listen and have an intelligent response.
Examples of Substances
Noah Shaw from The Unbecoming of Mara Dyer
Augustus Waters from The Fault In Our Stars
Four (Tobias) from Divergent

So those are the types of guys that I love! Do you think this is a good way of categorizing book boys, or do you have a different way? What's your favorite section of boys? Leave me some comments!

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