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“Who Are You?”

Posted on the 27 February 2013 by Adask

Australian Great Seals

Australian Great Seals

Here’s an extraordinary story.   Scott Bartel, an Australian, recently imported a 1959 Corvette from the US to Perth, Australia.  The Customs Department of Australia seized the Corvette and held it as a “security” until the Mr. Bartel agreed to pay an importation fee/fine.

Bartel refused.  He began to investigate.

He discovered that “Customs” was a private corporation rather than a department of the de jure government.  He discovered that the government of Australia was not the de jure government created by the Australian constitution.  Instead, he learned that the current government of Australia is a private corporation registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) at Washington DC.

He began to pose questions in writing to the alleged government that essentially asked “Who are you?”  The alleged “government” simply refused to answer.

Mr. Bartel discovered that Australia has two “governments”: a de jure, constitutional government and a de facto corporate government that has apparently existed since about A.D. 1927.

Almost as important as the discovery of two “governments,” Mr. Bartel also produced the following video that explains his discovery.  That video is logical, orderly, and moving at a sufficiently slow pace to allow viewers to follow along without much strain. It’s really a very effective video presentation.

The video reveals that the current government of Australia is really a private corporation registered in Washington DC.  By implication, if the government of Australia is private corporation registered in Washington DC, then why should we doubt that the current governments of the States of the Union within The United States of America aren’t also private corporations registered in Washington DC?

By probing into the nature of the government of Australia, Mr. Bartel has provided a remarkable confirmation of many of the theories (“The State” vs. “this state,” for example) that I and others have advanced on blogs like this one.  I’m impressed.  I’m envious.  Mr. Bartel has a great talent for communication.

The video is almost one-hour long.  I guarantee it’s worth your time.

What’s happening in Australia is happening here in the US, too.  If the privately incorporated government of Australia is registered with the SEC in Washington, you can bet that that’s where the private corporations acting as the governments of The State of Texas, The State of Oregon, etc., are also registered.

video     00:52:42

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