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Who Am I?

By Kmitrix @kmitrix
Who am I?

I finished work today and decided to up the ante and get off my keister. I downloaded the C25K app and completed Week 1 Day 1. Did I feel like I was going to die? Absolutely. I just didn’t think about what I was doing and did what the app told me when it told me to, kinda like how I’ve been approaching Weight Watchers (with pretty good success I must say!). 

When I’ve tried to lose weight or work out prior to getting pregnant with Harry I did it to look a certain way. I never really approached it as a health goal. Today I was thinking more about how I’ll be able to play with Harry as he gets older, how I’ll have more energy and sleep better, how losing weight will likely help me when we decide to get pregnant again. 

It really makes me feel like a woman, rather than a girl. I likes it!

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