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By Kmitrix @kmitrix

Harry started biting when he was around 11 months old. He eventually stopped around 13 months. Now it’s back, along with a toddler attitude that thinks its funny. And he’s breaking the skin (I’m not bleeding, but its more than teeth marks).

I am so fucking over this. I’m tired enough and the bite hurt enough to make my eyes well up in frustration and exhaustion this morning.

And to boot, nothing seems to get through to him. If I get up and leave, he cheerfully says “bye!". If I sternly say “no bite", he laughs. If I take away a toy he will cry/tantrum, but he’s too young to make the connection of WHY I took the toy - he’s just upset I took it.

I assume this eventually stops (along with the hitting/ grabbing & full hand pinching of my face), but fuuuuuck, this sucks. I had no idea my 18 mo old would be so violent.

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