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White Suit

By Agnes

Decided to redeem my gift cards the other day, you know, to keep them from going to waste. 

Would have loved to find a well tailored white pant suit. 

I do love suits and wear them once in a while, but in a way I am beginning to wonder if the days of suits being associated with professionalism are over for good. None of the folks who commissioned my services lately have ever seen me in anything even remotely resembling a suit... none of them have even asked to see my portfolio, and it's not that I am the cheapest choice either... So what is it that seals a deal these days if not the suit? Luck? I don't know. Whatever it is, I know it's not the suit. 

But anyway, no white suit for me, as none of the candidates succeeded in taking my breath away. Even though I have freakishly few clothes and am likely the owner of the most inadequate wardrobe I've even seen, I am still reluctant to add items to it that I don't absolutely love. But why am I talking about clothes? I don't know, but anyway, there really isn't much left to this rather uneventful shopping story, I ended up redeeming all my gift cards at the beauty counter. The End.


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