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White Males Against Abortion, Unite!

Posted on the 13 October 2018 by Morage @kebmebms

I saw yet another very privileged, white, middle-class male railing on Facebook about abortion today.
Jeezus Effing C.
This guy was a high school friend. I believe he's college educated.
In spite of that education, he rambled something briefly--incoherently?--about "60 million abortions." I've no idea what that was an attempted reference to.
But wow. Freaking wow.
So I decided there needs to be a group for these people.
They need to call it White Male Patriarchy.
WIMP for short.
A white, middle class, at least, if not upper middle-class male, devoid of attachment to the female's situation, of course, since he hasn't and couldn't possibly have or understand that perspective, but also completely void of any lower-class and/or minority situation or issues. But by gosh, rail against abortions! Sure! Makes perfect sense.
The fact is, the numbers of abortions in the nation have been dropping, and steadily, for years.
More importantly, the Right Wing and Republicans have been whittling away at women's legal rights for abortions for years, as we know. Additionally, however, they've also been under-cutting funding for sex education for our children, nationally and locally, in our schools. Added to that, they've been fighting the development and use of "day after" contraception pills, which is really insane. With the availability of these, we could at least reduce, if not even possibly eliminate abortions in the nation if those were available.
It's insane.
It's irresponsible. It's unconscionable. It's certainly immoral--yes, immoral, I'm saying it--on their part.
So here's for all the WIMPs out there!
Image result for white male patriarchy
Long live WIMPs!
And now they have a real "leader" for them, with this Trumpian in the White House.

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