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Whirlwind Week. As Most Figured out from My Previous Blog...

By Accidentalxpert @AccidentalXpert
Whirlwind week.
As most figured out from my previous blog it was my son pushed down steps last week. I have taken the necessary actions against this act just as most of you text or called and suggested/demanded. That's all I can do at this point.
Last night Peyton had to make yet another trip to the ER for stitches. Little boys and their sharp toys......ugh. A knife fell off a work bench while Peyton fiddling with something on the ground and stuck in the skin between his thumb and first finger. It was a short cut but pretty deep and nasty. Thankfully this time did not call for a trip to the Hand Care Center at Jewish to have tendons reattached. Just like to push down the steps, this too could have been much worse.
A little bad news today. Daddy will be having surgery. i think this is supposed to be hush hush because he does not like attention drawn to himself. He'd rather have the surgery and come home and never tell a soul. It's my understanding when he gets his beans in he will be having a rod placed between his shoulder blades in the place of his spine and deteriorated disk. This will be his second back surgery. He swore he's never have another back surgery, but at this point he is suffering too much and agreed.
Granny is not doing well. I have watched her go down drastically over the last couple months. Her memory is GONE. For example, yesterday while giving her her medication she asked me four times just seconds apart why she wrote a check to Midstate and what company that was exactly. It's hard to watch after years of seeing her as such a head strong lady. She falls ever couple of days as well. But, she is still the smartest lady I know hands down!!
The kids are doing well. I am so proud of them and the midterms they brought home. Their grades are SUPER!
And last but not least!!!! This gal is outa here this weekend. I have said for a couple years I was gonna do it........and it's finally gonna happen. Expect lots of pictures and bragging. ;)

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