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While Reading… {Discuss #8}

By Littlebookstar @LittleBookStar

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I’m so amazed by those who could eat, drink, watch t.v. while reading! How do you do it, yoouuu *points finger at you*. I’m one of those readers who gets distracted easily. I can’t listen to music while reading because I would end up singing along with the song; I can’t eat while reading especially if it’s chips like Cheetos because first of all I’ll get distracted, and second, I don’t want my fingers full of cheese getting on my book! For drinking, I like to drink Double Chocolatey Chip from Starbucks while reading, but I end up scooping the whip cream with the straw and eat it lol.

Basically I can’t do anything while reading


How about you? Do you multitask while reading? How do you do it? Wanna teach me your ways?

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