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Which Way Wednesday – Happy Crashiversary!

Posted on the 09 March 2011 by Phil's Stock World @philstockworld

The Hang Seng has also pulled back about 20% since November but everyone else is catching up with even the Shangai bouncing while the Hang Seng consolidates.  Our 100% lines on the US indexes are 12,938 on the Dow, 1,333 on the S&P, 2,530 on the Nasdaq, 8,362 on the NYSE and 684 on the Russell.  The Russell is our leader, up 140% in two years (which is REALLY good for the RUT $390 Index calls we bought back on crash day for just $10!) and the Nasdaq is up 119% off their 1,265 low but we liked buying AMZN at $62.50 better than risking the basket of the index at the time and that too has worked out well with AMZN now $167 (up 167% coincidentally).  

We were already in AAPL and GOOG etc – the usual suspects as we had gone bullish the week before the crash in March of 2009 – all the crash did was flash a big SALE sign at us while we were already at the mall with cash to spend.  Most of my picks on that actual day were financials:  SKF shorts, FAS longs, XLF long, RKH long, BAC long (at $3.14!) and then some staples like GE, DIS, TGT and HOV (at 0.65!) along with the Russell, which was our "index most likely to succeed" selection.

Which Way Wednesday – Happy Crashiversary!
So you can’t blame us for hoping we have another nice correction – especially with values currently so stretched.  We don’t want to be bearish but, when there’s nothing to buy you either stay in cash or get a little short and, as much as we liked AMZN at $62.50, we have

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