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Which Radiator Valve Do You Need?

By Futli @futlim

Which radiator valve do you need?Which radiator valve do you need?

Angled Thermostatic Straight Manual

Choosing the correct type of radiator valve for your radiator depends on a couple of things, below is a simple guide to the things you need to know before purchasing.

  1. What size pipe work you have. There are 3 sizes available 8mm, 10mm and 15mm, the majority of homes will have 15mm, however your fitter will be able to advise you this.
  2. Whether you need angled or straight (also known as in-line) valves? This can be a little trickier, depending on where your pipe work is coming from and where the connections on the radiator are, however as a general rule for a standard type radiator (with connections facing sideways) if your pipe work to the radiator comes straight up from the floor then you will need angled and pipe work that runs along the wall will be straight.
  3. Manual or Thermostatic (TRV)? Manual valves tend to be cheaper and more basic, i.e. you need to adjust them manually to switch them on or off, whereas thermostatic valves are sensitive to a room’s temperature and will open and close as needed to keep a steady flow of heat in each room. This option is really down to your own personal preference, TRV’s are more desirable however i would recommend having at least one manual valve in your system which you can leave turned on (preferable the radiator closest to your room thermostat) as this can help prevent heat build up in your boiler when it has been running for a long time.
  4. Design. – the style valve you choose is solely down to your own taste as long as you know your sizes and angles required then all radiator valves matching that criteria will be compatible. I would recommend www.discountedheating.co.uk as they have a easy to use website, a large selection of valves and the prices are right too.

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