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Strange Behavior of Ariston Class HE Pressure Gauge

By Futli @futlim

Strange behavior of Ariston Class HE pressure gauge

During repair work of this boiler.. it was noticed that the boiler pressre goes high rather quickly and also the pressure gauge rapid fluctuation indicating pressure vessel problem. Guess what.. there was no air pressure in the pressure vessel of this boiler. ANd the way they have installed the pressure vessel tire valve.. there is no Class about this boiler it was a Nightmare. This boiler is a good example of a Show off ..IT looks good from the front.. but inside.. it was design by a Drunk more than 2 times over the limit.! Go and look at the boiler manufactures instructions and try to read the fault finding section . .. about 6 pages of data.. now compare that with any other boiler fault finding section.. Vailant, Heatline, Baxi, Main, Ideal, Glow worm, or even Vokera or Biasi….. Fault finding data is a serious joke or what do you think?

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