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Which Jutsu Cannot Be Easily Used in Naruto

Posted on the 11 October 2017 by Kelly Li @narutonofficial

I’ve played many Naruto games, but the kind of game I like the most are games in which you have something to collect, like gatcha games. Collecting different characters from Naruto is always interesting, that is my biggest pleasure when playing Naruto Online.

Which Jutsu cannot be Easily used in Naruto


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In Naruto Online, some Jutsu have a really high price to them, which means that the user has to think twice about the best moment to use such techniques.

Sealing Jutsu: Reaper Death Seal
Sealing Jutsu: Reaper Death Seal uses the user’s own life. When used, the user has to make a contract with the Reaper and sell his soul to the Reaper, only then will the Reaper take the soul from someone of the caster’s choice. The Reaper will first eat the soul of the target and will then eat the soul of the caster. No matter, it is later shown that these souls can be released by using Reaper Death Seal: Release. By wearing the Shinigami Mask, letting him possess the wearer and cutting his own stomach, the souls will once again be released from the Reaper’s stomach.

Which Jutsu cannot be Easily used in Naruto


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Deidara’s ultimate explosion is actually really scary. Deidara actually choose to explode himself in order to take Sasuke out. However, Sasuke survived by hiding in Manda’s belly (killing Manda long the process), this means that this attack’s power is actually extremely scary and that Sasuke was only saved by using something else as a shield.

Which Jutsu cannot be Easily used in Naruto


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Double Tetragram Seal
Danzo used his Reverse Tetragram Sealing Jutsu on Sasuke and Tobi once, however online Naruto game, he did not make it to the point in which it would harm Sasuke, since Tobi managed to get both him and Sasuke out of range on time. The Reverse Tetragram Sealing Jutsu is a stronger version of the Double Tetragram Seal. This seal is similar to many other seals that appear in the series.

Which Jutsu cannot be Easily used in Naruto

Eight Inner Gates
This is the highest state one can manage with his own body. After more than twenty years practicing it, Might Duy managed to release the Eight Inner Gates. In the Fourth Great Ninja War, Might Guy released all gates and almost brought an end to Madara’s life.

Which Jutsu cannot be Easily used in Naruto


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Akimichi Clan’s Chilli Pill
When trying to rescue Sasuke, Choji’s power surpassed Jirobo’s by eating the Akimichi Clan’s Chilli Pill, multiplying his own strength by 100. After eating it, Choji grew butterfly wings and finished off Jirobo.

Which Jutsu cannot be Easily used in Naruto

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