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Duos in Charge of Laughs in Naruto Online

Posted on the 25 October 2017 by Kelly Li @narutonofficial

After I finished watching my favorite anime, Naruto, I really felt like finding a game such as this, after all, this game brings you your favorite characters and scenes. After the “Naruto” manga finished, I started to play several mmorpg online, I’m currently playing Naruto Online, this game closely follows most aspects of the animation and I can almost feel as if I’m immersing to the world of the animation when I play this game!

“Naruto” is not composed of only fights and red-hot battles, comical moments are also present in the anime. As most classic animation, “Naruto” also has its own group of comical duos. When these Duos show up, everyone gets happy and starts to laugh thinking about what will happen next!~

Duos in Charge of Laughs in Naruto Online

Hashirama and Madara

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1.Hashirama and Madara

Most people will probably have forgotten about their comic moments, mostly because these moments are only displayed as memories between the both of them. When they were kids, Hashirama and Madara were very close friends and would always play together. Hashirama’s personality was somewhat similar to Naruto’s; Madara would always make fun of his “naive” way of thinking. Years later, Hashirama as an adult kept this personality of his while becoming much stronger, Madara’s personality changed into that of a cold-blooded shinobi in order to successfully go forward with his Project “Tsuki no Me”.

Duos in Charge of Laughs in Naruto Online


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2. Rock Lee and Might Guy

Two ninja that always revolve around the “Spring of Youth” motto online MMORPG game. When these two enter the scene, they will always hug one another and start to cry!… However, the will of this sensei is not to be overlooked! Not everyone is capable of accepting the pain and consequences of opening all 8 Inner Gates!

Duos in Charge of Laughs in Naruto Online

Suigetsu and Karin

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3. Suigetsu and Karin

When together with Sasuke, these two ninja are always in a constant fight with each other and Suigetsu usually ends up being hit by Karin. Suigetsu doesn’t really care about it, since he is capable of liquefying himself. Thanks to this Duo, the group Taka (previously called “Ebi”) gets his own share of comic while being a group put together of cold-blooded ninja wishing for revenge.

Duos in Charge of Laughs in Naruto Online

Naruto and Konohamaru

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4. Naruto and Konohamaru

These two are clearly part of the next generation, and they were (un)fortunately brought together by the Sexy Jutsu. Naruto and Konohamaru’s relationship is that of an “older brother” and “younger brother”. Sexy Jutsu, Rasengan and the Shadow Clone Jutsu were all left to Konohamaru as part of Naruto’s inheritance.

Duos in Charge of Laughs in Naruto Online

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