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Where Were We ....?

By Sue15cat
Where Were We ....?   We've just had a really good weekend off.    No work except the very basics of cleaning out the chickens and gathering in eggs and wood for the fire.  Apart from that and a few doggie walks we took the weekend to ourselves.   Where Were We ....?   We set out with a longed for destination in mind and the journey was wonderful.
Where Were We ....?   Just us and the open roads ....
Where Were We ....?   ... and hundreds of mountain bikers whizzing down the hills.  There was a big event going on and it was amazing to see the bikers on the long trails.
Where Were We ....?   We drove past slate quarries and heaps behind walls along the roadside.
Where Were We ....?   And when we arrived it was to find a 'No Parking' sign being eaten by a tree.
Where Were We ....?   The first glimpse of a vista beyond.
Where Were We ....?   The sign told us exactly where we were .....
Where Were We ....?
... and Lovely Hubby wasn't really as puzzled as he looked :-)   Where Were We ....?   There was lots to see .....
Where Were We ....?   ... including many beautiful views.   And we had a lovely lunch before heading off to the shops in nearby Porthmadog for a coffee and a mooch around.   Do you know where we were?   We were HERE.   Sue xx  

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