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Time to Say Goodbye

By Sue15cat
Time to Say Goodbye
I thought I could do it
Come back and perhaps begin again
But I can't
It's no longer in me
I cannot write to order
Cannot post ahead of time anymore
So I'm here for a final time
To say goodbye
And to thank you for reading my intermittent musings over the years
Time to Say Goodbye
I've been in a dark, dark place recently
And it shows in my writings
It shows in my dreams
It shows in the faces and places of the world around me
Time to Say Goodbye
So this is it
Really the end
There's no need to record anymore
But the words and pictures that I've filled these pages with will remain for the many, many of you who are reading your way through the fun filled, laughter filled years.  The years when we found our footings, lost our hearts and began Our New Life in the Country.
Sue  💚

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