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Where to Display Your Antique Clock

By Cassiefairy @Cassiefairy

So you have bought a beautiful antique clock, and you want to display it on your fireplace mantle. Truly, it would add a classy feeling to your den. But wait! Decorative antique clocks can be damaged quickly if placed on the fireplace mantle because extreme heat from the fire may damage the clock’s mechanisms. Dust and ash from the fireplace can also damage the mechanical parts inside the clock. Deciding on where to put fragile decorations and appliances such as antique clocks requires a little bit of thinking.

General Placement Tips

Transporting and moving antique mechanical clocks often can damage the internal mechanisms, so you’ll need to decide where you want it and carry it there carefully without causing it much friction. Keep your antique clock inside a decorative box before placing it on the mantle. Avoid setting it near a piano that you play frequently or a china cabinet that you open frequently. Vibrations and constant motion may cause it to fall off the furniture.

If you want to install your antique clock to a wall, you need to secure thoroughly to the wall, not just with a picture fastener but attached with an actual screw or nail. These clocks chime often, causing the clock to vibrate, which shakes the glued picture fastener off the wall. This is why you need a sturdy screw as apply direct pressure on the hanger as the clock winds.

Where to Display Your Antique Clock Photo by Kotomi (Flickr)

image by Kotomi (Flickr)

Floor clocks such as antique grandfather clocks are best placed along hard wood floors so that they won’t rock back and forth.  Nowadays, you can display floor clocks along thicker carpet, but then it’s often best to have it positioned against something so it won’t budge.

Generally, consider displaying your antique clocks in the living room or a hall way. Avoid displaying clocks in bedrooms as these areas attract clutter and bring a bad feng shui vibe, if you believe that sort of thing.

Where to Display Your Antique Clock

An antique clock is a timeless heirloom that brings beauty and elegance to your home. Clocks with wood cabinets and shimmering chimes seem to be the most popular. If you’re looking for a nice antique clock, try to look for one whose cabinet is made of Heirloom Cherry wood or Golden Oak. Unique finishing touches on such clocks may include the detailed moon dials and triple-chimes that play the Westminster melody. Of course, there are still many different styles and designs to choose from.

After consider what kind of antique floor clock you want, decide where you want to display it. Keep in mind their dimensions; you should factor that in your decision. Make the clock stand out in your living room, dining room or even a formal music room. They’ll add elegance to the foyer, a hallway or a landing on a staircase. Try placing it with furniture in complementary finishes so that the room decor shines.

Buying Antique Clocks

Reputable and established antique shops such as Kalmar Antiques and many others carry a beautiful selection of antique clocks. Visit any established antique store and you can spot carriage clocks, clocks that feature Art Nouveau styles, and others. It is best to carry a photo of the room where your clock will be displayed. Show the photo to an antique expert in the store, and he or she can recommend you which clock best fit the room.

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