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Where Should We Go?

By Chardonaldson
It's just going to be a quick one today and I'm hoping for a really big response.
I posted last week about a crew of runners from my squad going over to Paris to run in the marathon this Sunday. We've been getting lots of updates on Facebook - great photos of all the fun they're having pre-race - and there's been a fair bit of runner's envy happening over this side of the globe.
Where Should We Go?
Coach Chris has started to do a little research into marathons for 2014 with the hope of putting together another group of enthusiastic travellers keen to run an international marathon.
The only problem is that we're totally spoilt for choice. And short of doing this 
Where Should We Go?
I thought I'd use my vast pool of international resources to get some quality information.
So what marathon should we run?? What's the most fun marathon you've ever run? The most scenic? The easiest? (not that any marathon is ever easy - but some are harder than others) The best organised?
My own personal criteria is fairly flat, is easy to gain entry into, in the second half of the year (because of work) and is in a location where there's lots of touristy things to do. 
So it's over to you all now. Where should we go?

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