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Where's Your Pee Pee?

By Samantha Curtis @hooahandhiccups
I'm not exactly sure when Bubba picked up on the word "pee pee", but he did. We were giving him a bath one day a few months ago and I was going through the motions:
Where's your pee pee?
"Where's your belly? Where's your eye? Where's your ear? Where's your mouth? Where's your teeth? Where's your pee pee?"
To my surprise, he knew exactly where it was and decided to linger there for a minute. Lord help me, he's definitely a man...
So the other day, my husband was getting ready to jump into the shower and forgot a towel. He ran into the hallway in the buff, and Bubba noticed that daddy had this same pee pee contraption that he had!
I saw him staring at it so I asked him, "Where's daddy's pee pee?" just to see if he really knew what it was and where it was. 
Well he pointed at it, and proceeded to walk up to my husband and just stare. I told my husband that it was important for him to realize he was like daddy and that daddy and him shared the same parts. 
My husband was mortified. He was trying to run away from Bubba but he kept inching closer and closer, obviously trying to touch it. 
I was on the floor rolling with laughter; I literally had tears rolling down my face. 
I guess this goes to show that even though we might not realize it, kids pick up on everything we say and do. 
Guess I should start watching what I say now, huh?

Where's your pee pee?

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